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More About The Project

Circling The Line is part of an international project called On The Line that focuses on the similarities of life and culture from the UK to Ghana along the meridian line. It aims to change the way we in the UK see, think and act towards the developing world.

I am one of 230 young people in the UK who received an On The Line award. The aim of my project was to make contact with women who had benefitted from microcredit as I had. I feel privileged to know that the system that helped me set up my business in the UK began in the developing world. I wanted to show people in the UK how microcredit is a practical way in which we can learn from people in developing countries.

There were two strands to my project. The first was this website and using the internet to make "virtual" contact with women in microcredit projects. I asked women on the line two simple questions: how does it feel to be a businesswoman? how has your microcredit project helped you? Read their replies on the questionnaire page.

The second part of my project was my trip to Ghana in July 2001 when I met women face-to-face and made a short film about the experience. I showed the film to the women in the microcredit project in Norwich and had a premiere at the local Arts Cinema, Cinema City. The video is available free to local schools, colleges and careers services. If you'd like a copy please e-mail me: shell@shellytelly.co.uk


On The Line was founded by Oxfam GB, Channel 4 and WWF-UK and is registered charity, number 1073841

"More people than I ever imagined have joined On The Line- communicating, visiting and learning about each other to mark the millenium"
Jon Snow, Channel 4