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More About Me - Michelle Savage

I am a freelance filmmaker who specializes in making videos for voluntary organizations. I make promotional videos, documentaries and video records of events. My films are dynamic, colourful and clear.

I have been working freelance for just over a year and business is going well - I've made videos for lots of local charities. To find out more about my work, visit my website shelly telly

A key factor in my success has been the support of the local microcredit project Full Circle. I had some fabulous training where I learnt about pricing and costing, tax and keeping accounts, marketing and customer care.

Following the course, I joined a lending circle with three other women. We meet together regularly to talk about our businesses and give one another feedback and support. We can apply for a loan from Full Circle after we have drawn up a business plan and got the approval of the other women in the circle.

My circle is called Torque. The other women are Charlotte Scott, an artist, Sal Pittman, a costumier and Eve Pandolfi, a textile designer.




On The Line was founded by Oxfam GB, Channel 4 and WWF-UK and is registered charity, number 1073841

"Microcredit is not just about giving individuals economic opportunity. It is about community. It is about responsibility. It is about seeing how we are all inter-connected and inter-dependent in today's world." Hillary Clinton