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Ghana Trip

In July 2001, I went to Ghana to meet women in microcredit projects face-to-face and make a short film about the experience. I travelled the length of the country from Accra, the capital city on the coast, to Bolga in the far north of the country.

The main thing I wanted to achieve with the film (and this website) was to make it personal - to give women a space to tell their stories and share their ideas. This is, after all, the most important thing that I got from the Full Circle microcredit project in Norwich - whilst access to loans was a big help, it was the support and contact with other women that gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my business.

Whilst I was in Ghana I sent a weekly e-mail newsletter called the Ghana Gazette to friends, family and colleagues in the UK. Full Circle sent it out to everyone on their e-mail list. Over 200 people eventually read the Gazette. Click here to read it now and see photographs from the trip. I produced a special A3 size full colour copy of the Gazette for events in the UK.

I was assisted on the trip by Diana Cunningham, a freelance writer who is also in Full Circle. Diana is busy writing articles about the experience for national magazines and newspapers and is seeking funding to write a training pack about microcredit to accompany the film. If you can help Diana with funding for the pack or you would like her to write an article for you, e-mail her at di@dinamic.freeserve.co.uk



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"It is not about cash capital but about human capital. Money is merely a tool that helps unlock human dreams and helps even the poorest and most unfortunate people on this planet achieve dignity, respect and meaning in their lives. "
Muhammed Yunis