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Film Reviews

"It was a wonderful film. What struck me was that you took the women seriously and conveyed their aspirations"

"I found the event very inspiring, I'm asking myself: 'what business can I start?'"

"You brought Ghana to us - but in a very real way - no twee crap!"

"The 'buzz' and enthusiasm from people in both films was amazing, and the support gained from meeting together makes so much sense."

"Interesting how similar the issues in Ghana and Norfolk were - seems women's issues are the same the world over."

"Excellent. I hope these progammes live up to the quality of your filmmaking."

"How successful women are! And how creative. And how animated!"

"The women of Ghana are the new Spice Girls - truly inspiring."

"Lovely video"

"I found the accents on the ghana film difficult to understand, this did not matter as the actions spoke louder than words"

"So vibrant and colourful:it made my day."

"Are the films available to rent/buy? I would very much like to use them in my teaching."

"Much too short! Great film with a good feel for the culture and environment"

"Kids loved the dancing and the music"

"All the things they were doing looked fascinating and I would have liked to have known what they were doing"

"Loved the Ghana film. Struck by how hard the women worked - how poor they were but how joyful they all seemed"

"Thanks for the vibrant images from Ghana, full of optimism, so different from the news images from Africa"



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